Mayor: Darren Braddy - 2 Year Term - Elected May 2017 - Term Expires May 2025



Chief Executive and Administrative Officer to the City.  Responsible to the City Council for the proper administration of all city affairs assigned to ordinance, resolution or directive, and does related work as required.



Performs managerial and supervisory work of considerable complexity in the management of the City of Cooper.  Oversees the direction and administration of City activities/departments, including the setting of common goals and objectives.  Appoints/hires/removes Department Heads subject to Council approval and appoints/hires/removes directly or through subordinates, other City employees, except as otherwise provided in the City Charter.  Supervise the Administration Department, as well as all Department Head level staff, including performance evaluation, assigning special projects, and disciplinary actions.  Responsible for signing and the administration of all contracts and monetary or service obligations when authorized be ordinance, resolution or motion of the City Council.  Oversees preparation of the annual budget and controls expenditures as specified by the approved budget.  Keeps the Council fully advised as to the financial condition and needs of the City.  Oversees the planning for the short term and long range growth of the City.  Compilation of information for City Council agenda packets.  Attend all meetings of the City Council, taking part in discussions and recommending Council action as appropriate.  Interprets policies passed by the City Council and oversees implementation.  Formulates and recommends policies to the staff and City Council.  Prepares a variety of reports as required.  Coordinates with other governmental agencies and surrounding cities.



Responds to or directs the response to complaints and inquiries made by citizens, employees and elected officials; represents the City in professional and civic organizations.



Considerable knowledge of general management principles and practices.  Knowledge of accepted personnel practices, procedures and policies and city, state and federal laws, applicable to personnel and other municipal related activities.  Skill in effectively communicating with people of diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, including appointed and elected officials and employees.  Expertise in negotiation and coordination.

Contact Info

Darren Braddy
91 North Side Square