City Secretary

Job Summary:  Responsibilities require an advanced level of skills to serve as secretary and administrator to the Mayor and City Council.  Provides legal and proper notice of all official meetings, notices, and ordinances and elections.  Custodian of the minutes of the City Council meetings and performs other duties as provided for by law, to include administrating the oath of office.  Provides a variety of routine and complex supervisory function, accounting, finance and administrative work in the administration of city government.  Works under the supervision of the Mayor.  Exercises supervision over clerical staff.  Must have the necessary skill and ability to perform duties, including but not necessarily limited to job functions listed below, as directed by the Mayor and Council in order to maintain an acceptable level of public service.




  1. Must be literate in visual, verbal and written communication skills in order to effectively provide information and assistance to the public and city staff as requested.
  2. Must be able to organize and prioritize multiple daily duties and assignments in order to efficiently and effectively perform duties. 
  3. Duties to include planning, preparation, posting agenda for regular and special meetings of the city council.  Attends regular and special council meetings.
  4. Must prepare and post all other legal notices, public hearing and advertise bids as provided for by law.
  5. Must have ability to plan, organize and establish, as provided by law, procedures to maintain city council minutes, ordinances, and resolution passes by city council and maintain official files and official city documents and records for public record.  Serve as official custodian of official public documents an all other records referring certifications; seals.  Attests by signature to ordinances, resolution, contracts, easements, deeds, bonds and other documents requiring city certification and files all city records.  Provides public records and information to citizens civic groups, the media and other agencies as requested.
  6. Oversees city election, preparing ordinances, ordering of election by resolution, securing election judges, preparation and certification of candidates’ petitions and conduct early voting.  Administers oath of office to public officials.
  7. Serves as a notary public.
  8. Must have knowledge and ability to certify application and issue permits and licenses as prescribed by city ordinances.  Must also be able to issue and sign permits and license and attest to all legal proceedings.
  9. Duties to include budget draft preparation for Mayor’s and city council’s input and execution.  Monitors revenues and expenditures as specified by approved budget to insure sound fiscal control.  Keep Mayor fully advised as to the financial condition needs of city to assure effective and efficient use of budgeted funds and materials.
  10. Maintains all financial records.  Prepares all financial reports.  Post and reconcile ledgers and accounts.  Makes journal entry to balance and close monthly books in general ledger accounts.  Present monthly budget report to city council.
  11. Reconciles bank statements including sales tax reports.  Prepares and issue weekly payroll and prepares all payroll reports.  Compile and maintain master payroll files and all personnel files, and personnel transaction such as vacation, sick leave, terminations, hires, and raises.
  12. Manages accounts payable and payment of time warrants, bond payables and fiscal agent fees.  Establish and maintain interest and sinking funds for bond payments and reserve funds.
  13. Acts as investment officer of city funds in accordance with investment policies and goals with local, state and federal regulations.
  14. Maintain and manage retirement fund and prepare monthly deposit to fund.
  15. Manage medical insurance and make payment to TML for employee coverage.
  16. Process claims and oversees property and liability and workers compensation insurance.
  17. Oversees utility billing and all other billings.
  18. Calculates and develops yearly cost of water to MUD District for payment of water.  Bill to MUD for yearly storage of water in Big Creek Lake and 34.5% of Big Creek Dam operation and maintenance.
  19. Prepares invoice for North Texas water payment for Cooper Lake water.
  20. Manage Firemen Pension Fund.  Issue checks and keeps records of retires firemen.  Enroll new firemen and manage benefits given to volunteer firemen.
  21. Must be custodian of all grant projects and funds.
  22. Must have the flexibility to assist in other office duties as needed.  Must be able to effectively interact with other employees.
  23. Must be able to maintain composure and be responsibly sensitive when assisting the public and hearing the comments and complaints offered.

Contact Info

Emily Howse
City Secretary/Administrator
91 North Side Square